Terms and Conditions

1. The contract sides

The contractual relationship between the visiting participants ('the customer') and the provider of accommodation Hotel Belmonte ('the landlord')
are governed by the Civil code and the Commercial code statutes, adapted for the following comprehensive conditions.
The landlord reserves the right to specify in its sales materials other conditions and information, which will take precedence over these conditions.

2. The prices and their changes

Guideline prices for accommodation and any other services provided for the Czech citizens are published in the presentation materials of the landlord (web pages, leaflets etc)
The customer, however, is bound only by a confirmed price stated on a reservation slip or in an e-mail offer ('the voucher').

3. Services, changes in agreed services and prices

The range of services and prices contracted is bound by the listing in the voucher.
Any information given in presentation materials is for guidance only and has no bearing on the content of the contract agreed between the customer and the landlord.
The landlord is entitled to change the agreed parametres of his services in circumstances beyond his control (such as 'act of God')
The landlord is obliged to inform the customer of any such changes without delay, by the latest in 7 days before the commencement of the agreed services.
Should he not agree to such changes, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract.
Herewith the customer shall receive back the whole sum of money already rendered.
The customer is not by default entitled to any other rights of compensation.

4. Customer cancelled the reservation, changes of the reservation

The customer has the right to cancel the contract with the hotel anytime before arriving.
The cancellation should be in writing (elctronic form with confirmation, is acceptable.
The time of cancelletion is determined by the date and time of recieving the cancellation (this is determined by the confirmation)
The cancellation fee is counted for each person:

Terms of calcellation (in case there are not set up individually)

cancellation 30 or more days
before the commencement of the stay
0% of the total cost of the accommodation
cancellation 29 - 21 days
before the commencement of the stay
25% of the total cost of the accommodation
cancellation 20 - 14 days
before the commencement of the stay
50% of the total cost of the accommodation
cancellation 13 – 2 or less days
before the commencement of the stay
75% of the total cost of the accommodation
cancellation 1 day
before and the day of commencement of the stay
100% of the total cost of the accommodation

In the event of early departure of the main season (25.12. - 11.3.) will be charged a cancellation fee of 90% of the total price. Well conditions in the event of failure ordered the number of beds.

5. In the case of the cancellation by the provider of accommodation ('the landlord')

The provider of accommodation ('the landlord') has the right to cancel the reservation in the case when the reservation is in difficulties or threats, or in the case of unexpected circumstances.
The provider of accommodation ('the landlord') is oblidged to inform the customer about the reservation cancellation without any delay, not later than 7 days before the first service is due.
In this cae the customer will recieve a full refund without delay.
The customer has no more rights to a refund.

6. Complaint

The customer should inform the hotel about any complaints without delay.
In the case of a complaint, the customer ahould asert his rights without delay during his stay, to help resolve the problems.
If the customer does not assert his rights without delay, his rights to refund of later damages will be limited, which would not happen if he had reported the problem without delay.

7. Validation

They are valid from 1.1.2009 and come into operation by the customers signature or by the customer sending an electronic reservation request.